The Day I Quit The Ministry

The day I quit the ministry is the day I began serving Jesus. You see I was confined to the mold of four songs, thirty minute sermon, closing song and off to lunch we go. This is what I'd seen from the church since my new birth and as a Pastor … [Read more]

Judge Me!

I am thankful that I no longer must fear the final judgement of God because I have been saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Knowing I'm absolved from God's eternal punishment leads me to live a righteous life filled with joy and … [Read more]

Hillcrest Crawling With The Gospel

Five men driven by the Love of Christ presented themselves for service at the corner of University Ave and 6th ave in Hillcrest. This great number of servants gave us the opportunity to expand our outreach beyond the corner to the streets and shops. … [Read more]

In The Footsteps of Christ Part 2

Lord, you're too much! This is my favorite Chuck Smith phrase. So let me say it, "Lord, you're too much!" My first day walking from business to business in Hillcrest resulted in many faith building experiences. Everything I thought might … [Read more]