Church Floods Streets With The Gospel

Once again we were at the corner of 6th and University sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Hillcrest when a young couple declined our request to share with them. A few minutes later the same couple returned from the opposite … [Read more]

How Good Is Good Enough?

I often ask a simple but direct question when sharing my faith which allows me to assess a person’s level of conviction in what they believe regarding a singular sovereign creator. Here’s the question, “Do you believe in God?” I know, I know - but I … [Read more]

The Great Temptation

I am often tempted to make something happen instead of waiting for God to fulifill the vision the He has given me. However, I know in my heart this time I'm not going to let that happen. The vision for City on a Hill remains the same as in the … [Read more]