The Great Temptation

I am often tempted to make something happen instead of following the vision the Lord has given me. However, I know in my heart this time I'm not going to let that happen. The vision for City on a Hill remains the same as in the beginning; sharing … [Read more]

Never Say Never

I met Garret as he was walking by at the corner of University Ave and 6th Ave in Hillcrest. I offered him a mercy pack at which he chuckled and said I guess i still look a homeless person. He soon told me that several years ago he roamed these … [Read more]

Allah Is God On The Streets Of Hillcrest

These were a few of the responses I received yesterday while Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Hillcrest. Jesus isn't real. I don't care if Jesus loves me. I've already been down that road bro, I was raised Jehovah … [Read more]

The Day I Quit The Ministry

The day I quit the ministry is the day I began serving Jesus. You see I was confined to the mold of four songs, thirty minute sermon, closing song and off to lunch we go. This is what I'd seen from the church since my new birth and as a Pastor … [Read more]